An entirely new cell is not always necessary

Sometimes modifications of the existing equipment are enough. For example, a new version or product may need new components in the cell.

Apart from complete automation solutions, we can also help you with:


Mechanical construction.

Electronic construction.

Programming robot systems, PLC, safety PLC, frequency, linear guides and vision systems.

HMI construction (operator interface).

Remodeling/adapting existing automation solutions and tools.

Mounting and construction of automatic doors or hatch on, for example, CNC machines.

Service and maintenance.

Service agreements.

CE documentation and risk analysis.

Ask us

We are constantly striving to be more forthcoming and available at InLead. We think it is important for our customers to feel safe throughout the entire project. This includes clear communication at startup as well as support after the installation is complete.

Support and maintenance

At InLead, we are extra proud to present our serviceminded and experienced staff who makes us able to provide exactly the amount of support needed in each project. We offer different types of training, service agreements and maintenance to ensure that our solutions are sustainable for as long as possible.

Options and partners

In order for our solutions to fit our customers as well as possible we offer a number of different options, such as the Vision system 2D and 3D. We are experienced in Fanuc, Cognex and Scape (3D Bin Picking). We can also provide construction and manufacturing of grippers if needed, as conveyor belts.