Growth by automation

Using automation solutions as standard solutions for robot machine tending but also customer adapted solutions, InLead helps their customers to create a more efficient production, thereby creating growth.

Through our collective experience and competence we can provide automation solutions where operator friendly, 2D- and 3D-vision along with several options, all of which makes us stand out in competition.

The team InLead is a dedicated and service minded staff of people providing great amplitude and know-how, ensuring that we always can provide the support needed in each project.

Sow the seeds of automation and make your production thrive

As demands on efficiency and precision are increasing, demands on automation also increase. At InLead we offer proven standard automation solutions as well as customer adapted solutions, specifically adapted for the individual customer or product. We provide servicing machinery offering industrial robots or portal robots. Our goal is always to create automation solutions for cost effective growth.

Machine tending cells with industrialrobots and/or gantrys

At InLead we are experienced in machine tending and handling to milling or lathe machines, casting and plastic machinery. We are proud to use two of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots, Fanuc and ABB.

Our well proven standard cells are designed to efficiently service your requirements. If a gantry solution is the best option, we can provide that alternative by using the wide range of well-tried solutions from FRAi.

Services for adapting existing systems

On top of our complete automation solutions at InLead we also provide adjustments or adaptations of existing automation solutions and machines. We also offer mechanical or electrical construction, programming robotic systems, plc, safety plc, frequency converter, linear control and/or systems for vision.

By providing an assortment of service- and/or support as well as robotic support and education we can ensure high quality and a complete delivery for every project.

Automation solutions for different needs

The automation solutions from InLead can vary, depending on the needs of each customer. At InLead our ambition is to manage our automation solutions in a flexible and simple way, something that our customers enjoy. We create solutions that makes it easy to do right and hard to do wrong.