Tjänster och produkter

Services and products.

An entirely new cell is not always necessary. Sometimes modifications of the existing equipment is enough. For example, a new version or product may need new components in the cell.

Apart from complete automation solutions, we can also help you:


  • Mechanical construction.
  • Electronic construction.
  • Programming robot systems, PLC, safety PLC, frequency, linear guides and vision systems.
  • HMI construction (operator interface).
  • Remodeling/adapting existing automation solutions and tools.
  • Mounting and construction of automatic doors or hatch on, for example, CNC machines.
  • Service and maintenance.
  • Service agreements.
  • CE documentation and risk analysis.


  • Vision systems 2D and 3D. We provide units from  Fanuc, Cognex, Sensor Control, DiVision and Scape (3D Bin Picking).
  • Grippers; construction and manufacturing.
  • Conveyors.