Våra projekt

Dedication makes us competitive.

Providing competent project managing our mutual projects will become successful. When starting a project we present a clear, well-prepared project plan based on the specific project. We use the tool Easy Planning to help us plan the most important gates, which are broken down into a HUKI model for each area: electronics, mechanics and software. Your participation throughout the project is very important for a successful result. You will live with the solution for many years ahead.

Our gates:
• PAT handover sales and production.
• DAT customer briefing.
• FAT functional testing at our premises before delivery.
• SAT testing at your location, going through cycle time and accessibility.
• Risk analysis and CE dossier.

Ask us.

We are constantly striving to be more forthcoming and available at InLead. We think it is important for our customers  to feel safe throughout the entire project. This includes clear communication at startup as well as support after the installation is complete.