Place your parts on a conveyor...

…and take your finished part from another conveyor placed beside or below

Vision camera

Over the conveyor, a Vision camera is placed for guiding the robot to pick the parts. This solution will be adapted in terms of your individual robot model and conveyor length.

INLINE S: 1,.4 m 2×3 kg
INLINE M: 1.85 m 2×10 kg
INLINE L: what you need.

Installation area: regarding on the solution.

Detailed weight: 0-10 kg
Installation area: 1×3,75 m

Detailed weight: 0-20 kg
Installation area: 1,5 x 4,60 m

Detailed weight: 0-20 kg
Installation area: Projektstyrt

Detailed weight: 0-100 kg
Installation area: Depending on project
The conveyors are placed side-by-side

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