Experience is the root of our success

Through our collective experience and competence, we offer complete project management, construction, unprecedented service and accessibility. We provide great amplitude and know-how, having experience from several advanced processes regarding automation and a thorough knowledge in machinery – a combination giving us great momentum. For example, we are experienced in servicing machinery and handling cutting processing, casting- and plastic machinery. Using an open dialogue we ensure that everyone working in our projects receive a clear picture of our common goal, thereby creating complicity in each and every project. For us, transparency is of utmost importance as we are eager to get the opportunity to solve your project.

In fact, one of our clients used the following three words to describe us: glee, communication and accessibility, an endorsement we are very proud of!

Ask us

We are constantly striving to be more forthcoming and available at InLead. We think it is important for our customers to feel safe throughout the entire project. This includes clear communication at startup as well as support after the installation is complete.